Principle, Break the Ceiling, LLC.


Masters in Public Administration, North Carolina State University                                       

B.A. History, University of North Carolina Asheville, Asheville, NC


Keith Brannum is a political and fundraising strategist with six years of campaign and PAC experience. Working across the eight states, Keith has helped elect Democrats to state legislatures since the 2016 election. In 2017, Keith successfully managed Delegate Elizabeth Guzman’s election as the first Latina elected to the Virginia legislature, and helped flip the chambers in both 2017 and 2019. Keith is a firm believer in institutional development and building campaigns and organizations to last, allowing us to invest in our values beyond just an election cycle.

Keith is a native of Alabama, lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina (and is a proud digital resident of Prince William County, VA.)

Work Experience

Elizabeth Guzman for State House 2019

Campaign Manager (March – November, 2019)

  • Re-hired to manage winning re-election campaign for House Freshman Leader Elizabeth Guzman, in off-year year election with $1,120,000 budget, consisting of aggressive TV, digital, direct mail budget, and paid phones programs.
  • Supervised a 3-staff finance program that raised $1,100,000 for the 2019 election cycle to date, via call time, email, digital and direct mail program, managed Delegate’s Hispanic Heritage Gala that raised $62,000, and out-of-state Latino legislator fundraising program
  • Managed relationship with Coordinating Campaign, comprising 4 field staffers, that has knocked 30,650 doors and 28,400 phones to date, and manage relationships with local candidates to augment voter contact across the district.

Michigan Democratic House Fund

Finance Director (June – December, 2018)

  • Managed the 2018 House Democratic Fund’s $9 million fundraising program that funded competitive paid communications program, winning 5 seats in the legislature for the 2018 cycle
  • Managed 3 finance staffers, implementing aggressive individual donor outreach and candidate finance trainings that led to largest fundraising drive by campaigns over the last 3 cycles.
  • Worked with Michigan lobby corp. and national PAC organizations to expand caucus giving, and managed the Democratic Leader’s fundraising program for the Democratic caucus.

Frank McNeill for Congress 2018

Campaign Manager (January – May, 2018)

  • Managed winning congressional primary in North Carolina’s 8th Congressional District in 3 way primary with over 60% of the vote, raising $300,000 for mail and TV.
  • Managed and trained full congressional finance staff to aggressive fundraising program, including local bundler program and fundraising events in district, and national industry outreach to Petroleum Marketers of America
  • Worked with DCCC and national PACs to outreach for national donors and Members of Congress and their staff, and developed long-range relationship development opportunities to bring district race to national attention.

Elizabeth Guzman for State House 2017

Campaign Manager (June – November, 2017)

  • Managed winning top-tier state house race in Prince William County, Virginia that raised $550,000, and worked with PACs to spend over $1 million in aggressive paid communications program on TV, radio, & direct mail across the district.
  • Worked with Field Director to run canvass and phonebank program, knocking 53,000 doors & calling 45,000 phones.
  • Developed communication messages via regular press releases, and regular community events, including town halls, meet and greets, and digital video shoots with assistance from outside groups.
  • Managed relationships with growing digital media groups like One Vote at a Time, and Arena PAC to raise awareness for campaigns across the country.

Previous Campaigns

 Arizona Victory 2016, Regional Field Director                                                   

 Will Jawando for Congress 2016 (MD-08), Field Director                                     

 Virginia Victory 2015, Field Organizer                                                             

 Sarah Crawford for NC State Senate 2014, Finance Assistant